5 Tips For A Less Stressful Christmas

No matter how much we plan, Christmas can sometimes be a little messy and chaotic, don't you think? From the food to the presents and Christmas decorations, the never ending to-do list can seem like a tall order for some of us.

Here are 5 things you could do just to make Christmas a little less stressful.

1. Easy and Frugal Christmas Decorations

Is there any way to decorate your home for Christmas on a budget, you ask? Sure there is! Granted, Christmas decors can set you back a few hundred dollars but you can find some simple and frugal alternatives at the dollar store.

Here are 30 dollar store items which may inspire you and get the ball rolling. Or, you could try your hand at this list of 20 creative Christmas decorating ideas.

2. Be Creative in the Kitchen

Clock is ticking... Time is wasting. There's the turkey, the ham, the eggnog, the what not. Which comes first?

Look for easy tips and tricks for the kitchen that can help save you precious time. You'll be surprised by how many creative people are out there who come up with ingenious ideas on how to go about things. For instance, here is a very neat trick on how to ice your cookies the easy way, without creating a complete mess.

3. Gift Wrapping Ideas

Love wrapping presents but find yourself going back to the same theme every year? Plain old wrapping paper or gift bags... again?

Well, here is an awesome blog post that shows you how to wrap gifts the creative and budget friendly way. In fact, wrapping a small gift such as accessories can be as simple as getting a toilet paper roll, colorful, decorative paper and a tape or ribbon. Very clever!

4. Make Yourself A Hot White Chocolate

Yes, you read that right. Hot WHITE chocolate. Forget old hot chocolate - try something different this year. Here's a special homemade mint white hot chocolate recipe that you can easily whip up in 15 minutes!


5. Enjoy a Favorite Christmas Movie

Now give yourself a pat on the back just because you made it through! It's time to kick back and enjoy a good Christmas movie. I don't know about you but my all time favorite has got to be Love Actually, hands down.

Can you believe it's been 12 years since the movie's release (yes, back in 2003) and people are still talking about it even today? It's a clever mix of both romance and humor and casts some of the best stars in the movie industry. The movie itself shows the many facets of love and life - unrequited love, adultery, responsibilities and language barriers. Truly a must watch!

Now, go forth and have fun. Merry Christmas!

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