8 Must Watch Retro Shows to Inspire You


1. The Great Gatsby ~ 1920's

Carey Mulligan has always reminded me of a younger version of Katie Holmes for some reason. (Am I the only one who thinks that way?)

In the film The Great Gatsby set in the 1920's, Carey Mulligan played the role of Daisy Buchanan alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as the great Jay Gatsby. To be honest, I wasn't too fond of Carey Mulligan's character in this show (I won't be able to divulge more details without giving away the entire story) but the dresses were to die for!

The 1920's was all about the tea length dresses and adornments such as headbands, cloche hats, sashes and bows to name a few; and the movie showcased some of the most exquisite dresses I could only wish for. So if you love the 1920's decade then put this on your must watch list, pronto!

Carey Mulligan in an evening party dress from a scene in the movie, The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan in a tea length sheath dress

2. The Imitation Game ~ 1930's to 1950's

I am a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, quite the Cumberbitch* or Cumberbabe), thanks to his top notch portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the renowned British TV drama series, Sherlock.

*Please pardon the language, but that's what his fans are called.

Having said that though, I thought Keira Knightley, who played the role of Joan Clarke, stole the show in The Imitation Game. Joan Clarke was a cryptanalyst who joined Alan Turing's team in an effort to crack Nazi codes, including Enigma - which was thought to be unbreakable. In fact, it was touted as one of Keira Knightley's best performances, where she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I especially loved her outfits and that little touch of vintage flair she adds to her ensemble by wearing knitted cardigans and hats.

Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch in a scene from the movie, The Imitation Game

3. Captain America: The First Avenger ~ 1940's

Chris Evans may have been the star of the show in Captain America: The First Avenger, but in my humble opinion, it was Hayley Atwell in her role as Peggy Carter who stole the limelight from him.

I especially love this scene from the movie where she strutted her stuff in one of the best figure flattering red pencil dresses I've ever seen. Needless to say, the hair and shoes were oh-so gorgeously perfect. Not to mention, loving the red lipstick too! :)

Hayley Atwell in a gorgeous red dress from a scene in the movie, Captain America

4. Sylvia ~ 1950's

Sylvia revolves around the life of Sylvia Plath, the leading character played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie tells the true story of Sylvia, a talented poet who struggles to find happiness in her life and became increasingly intrigued by death.

While the movie itself is melancholic, there's something you can actually look forward to - Gwyneth Paltrow's impeccable dressing. Everything about her was perfect in the movie - from the dresses to the hair and makeup. Did you notice those pearl necklaces as well? Uber-feminine!

Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous retro look with a matching pearl necklace

Daniel Craig and Gwyneth Paltrow in a scene from the movie, Sylvia

5. An Education ~ 1960's

Guess what? It's Carey Mulligan again.

In the movie An Education set in the 1960's, Carey Mulligan plays the role of Jenny Mellor, a 16 year old girl who falls head over heels with an older man - David Goldman - a character played by Peter Sarsgaard.

While she may be smitten with him, I for one found myself falling in love with not just the movie but ALL the dresses Carey Mulligan wore in the show. Yes, I am such a hopeless sucker for vintage style dresses. :)

Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard in a scene from the movie, An Education
Carey Mulligan wearing a chic floral dress in the movie, An Education

6. Mad Men ~ 1960's

Now ladies, this list wouldn't be complete without the addition of the most talked about American drama series, Mad Men. Primary set in the 1960's, Mad Men is an American period drama TV series which centers around the business of advertising agencies and the lives of its individual characters. I've always had a soft spot for Jon Hamm (*swoon*) who plays the protagonist, Don Draper but the girls are absolutely killing it with their striking dresses and ensembles.

In fact I would go as far as to say that a lot of today's vintage style dresses are inspired by the ones worn in the show. Some prominent examples include the wiggle dresses (such as the one worn by Christina Hendricks below), and swing dresses (such as the one worn by January Jones below). Very addictive indeed!

Christina Hendricks in a sexy floral wiggle dress

January Jones in a floral print vintage inspired dress

7. American Hustle ~ 1970's

Inspired by the 1970's Abscam case, American Hustle stars some of Hollywood's powerhouses like Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper.

The 1970's was a fun, disco-ish era (think Saturday Night Fever) with some very interesting fashion finds. From flares to fringes, platforms to bell bottoms - the possibilities were endless! Hairstyles also reached greater heights (literally!) with exaggerated perms and disco afros. Jersey halter dresses were also popular back in the 70's thanks to designer Roy Halston Frowick who was famous for his clean, minimalist designs. 

American Hustle did well by staying true to the 1970s theme as you can see evidently in the dresses the girls are wearing in the photo below. Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in her halter dress with a seductive plunging keyhole neckline, while Amy Adams rocked her disco look with a permed mane and shimmering gown.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams from a scene in the movie, American Hustle

8. Blue Jasmine ~ Modern Day Retro

Just a few nights ago, I challenged myself to watch the telly without toying with my phone. Yes, no repinning recipes on Pinterest. Boy, let me tell you, it was hard. :) The husband has a knack for flipping channels during commercials which irritates the heck out of me. If I have to name one of my biggest pet peeves, this one takes the cake. BUT - thanks to his vigorous channel surfing, I came across this movie called Blue Jasmine.

The movie starred Cate Blanchett as Jasmine Francis, a New York socialite who flees to San Francisco after her marriage crumbles to live with her sister, Ginger. Cate Blanchett's performance in the film was sensational; winning her the Oscar for Best Actress. But that's beside the point.

What I loved about the movie were her dresses (and the designer bags, of course). There was something very retro and classy about every dress she wore that I felt it was post worthy. With her exotic beauty and piercing blue eyes, I'll have to say she made every frock look flawless in the show. You'll just have to watch the movie to know what I mean.

Cate Blanchett and Peter Sarsgaard from a scene in the movie Blue Jasmine
Cate Blanchett wearing a stunning floral print dress in the movie Blue Jasmine
So there you have it, my top 8 movie recommendations for you retro or vintage lovers out there. Do you have other movie recommendations I may have missed? Let me know in the Comments section below! :)

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