How To Get Your Rockabilly Look

When it comes to rockabilly fashion and clothing, in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer. There are so many styles and prints to choose from that the possibilities are endless.

What is Rockabilly?

Just what is rockabilly, anyway? Well simply put, rockabilly is a marriage of two terms - rock and roll and hillbilly. The idea was to create music that people could dance or tap their foots to. So, naturally, when you've got lots of dancing to do, you've got to have the right attire for it, right? Something you can swing and twirl around in on the dance floor. I like to think that's how rockabilly fashion came about. Well, at least - that's just my take on it. You probably have a different opinion - so feel free to share!

Rockabilly Clothing

Having that many varieties to choose from can be overwhelming at times. But if you look closely, the quintessential feature of rockabilly clothing is it fits snugly at the waist, which is what the 1950s clothing was all about. Putting emphasis on a small waistline.

When it comes to selecting the right clothes, you can play it safe by going either one of these 2 ways - fit and flare or fit all the the way.

If it's a fit and flare you prefer, then the bodice needs to be form-fitting in that it hugs your torso and waistline. The skirt is usually a full circle skirt and flares from the waist down, most of the time in an exaggerated manner. If you find it hard to secure such an item of clothing, fret not because that's where petticoats (or crinolines) come in. Petticoats add a natural flare and bounce to your skirt and the best part is, it adds an element of surprise when the wind catches it. ;)

Or if you prefer to go fit all the way, then choose a figure flattering wiggle dress. Wiggle dresses are also sometimes called pencil dresses (the terms I noticed are used interchangeably nowadays). These dresses hug the body's curves and the hem of the skirt usually falls a little below or above the knee. I prefer the term "wiggle dresses" because I think it stays true to the style. Why? Well they are called wiggle dresses for the simple reason that when worn, women more often than not have to wiggle when they walk due to way the skirt clings to their figure.

Now that we've got the dress silhouettes sorted out, it's time to look at necklines and prints. In general, you could never go wrong with halter necklines. Rockabilly girls have a way of exuding some sex appeal while looking sweet and feminine. In terms of prints, these styles are safe choices:-
  • Florals - roses, usually big floral prints
  • Fruits - cherries, strawberries, lemons, etc.
  • Tattoo motives - skulls, swallows
  • Pin up girl motives
  • Polka dots
  • Geometric (abstract) prints
  • Leopard prints
  • Checks - houndstooth, gingham, etc.
Rockabilly dresses from Dressific.com
In terms of colors, rockabilly clothing are usually bright, bold colored - traditional choices being red, black and white. However, trends have evolved and it's not uncommon to find other colors from sweet pastels such as pink and yellow to deep, rich shades of purple and green.

Rockabilly Accessories

To complete your rockabilly look, you might want to consider adding some vintage style accessories. Common rockabilly accessories include headbands, flowers and sunglasses.

As for your shoes, choose conventional pumps or flats. Shiny red or black shoes, loafers, leather Oxfords or saddle shoes should do the trick. If you want to take it one step further, might as well put on a pair of bobby socks too! :)

Image Credit: What I Found Blog

Rockabilly Hair

For hair style ideas, you can never go wrong by taking a cue (or two) from none other than the 1950s Queen of Pinups, Bettie Page. Ms. Page was well known for her jet black hair, blue eyes, and nonetheless, her trademark bangs. In fact, her bangs have gained so much popularity that they are now commonly referred to as "Bettie Bangs".

Image Credit: MessyNessyChic

The general rule of thumb is to style your hair with some form of wave or curls. Victory rolls and buns can also be very sexy and feminine if you do it right (just like the image below). So if you've got a curling iron handy, now's the time to put it to good use.

Image Credit: The Xerxes
Other options include the pompadour hairstyle where the hair is swept upwards and worn high over the forehead. Think Pink (see below).

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Rockabilly Makeup

You're kidding right, even the makeup? Well, to perfect the rockabilly look, I insist that you pay some attention to your makeup. :)

The key to acing your rockabilly look is the cat eyes. That simply means drawing a winged eyeliner. Here's a pictorial.

Image Credit: Beautylish

In addition, you'll need a red lipstick. And matte, if possible. :)

Rockabilly Style Icons

Still not quite sure where to start? Here are some rockabilly style celebrities to get the ball rolling. You'll be a rockabilly superstar in no time. :)

1. Dita Von Teese in a Seductive Little Black Wiggle Dress

Image credit: About.com Style

2. Gwen Stefani's Rockabilly Hair Style with Victory Rolls

Image Credit: Huffington Post

3. Amy Winehouse in a Rockabilly Style Dress

See those cat eyes? Gorgeous! :)

Ready to embrace the rockabilly fashion style and culture? Share your thoughts!

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