1950s Vintage Prom Dresses

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The 1950s was a great time for fashion, as the style during that era was focused on consumerism, bringing in a better body image and fashion, which until the 1950s was mostly for the elite. During the 1950s fashion became more accessible and common, with more and more women finding new ways to express themselves. This also translated to proms as well, with girls from all over the world having the opportunity to impress everyone via their one of a kind formal and evening dresses.

Types of Vintage Prom Dresses Popular in the 50s

Most of the prom dresses from the 50s have a formal appeal, and some of them did include V-necks which was still something new for that era. Many of these dresses were either off-shoulder, which was considered daring at the time or they went with some simple necklines, something that became very popular in time. Necklines were a symbol of the 60s and 70s, with the 50s being an era of seriousness so less daring dresses were created at this time.

When it comes to prom dress lengths, they were designed with a floor length or tea length skirt, although you can also find some knee length dresses.

Grace Kelly's black and white tea length dress in Rear Window (1954)

Grace Kelly in a blue knee length dress in High Society (1956)

Color-wise, the vintage prom dresses were known for a variety of nuances. Black was very popular at that time, but white, blue, pink, green and red were some of the common alternatives as well.

The fabric used for vintage prom dresses was usually lace, but you could also find some made out of cotton and other materials such as satin, silk, linen and others. Usually the ones made out of lace tend to be the most valuable and quite durable.

Many of these dresses had prints and a colorful appeal that was used as a means to express and stand out. The 50s were known for not being too extravagant and the prom dresses maintained this type of appeal. They did integrate colors, but not multiple ones, instead they were more about blending white with floral patterns or prints. Usually the combination of colors was between white and another color such as blue, red, black or green, among other nuances.

Grace Kelly in a floral print floor length dress

1950s Style Icons

What made vintage prom dresses famous in the 1950s was definitely the fact that they were worn by fashion icons and female celebrities.

There were quite a lot of celebrities that wore this type of dresses as it was quite common at the time, with the list including names such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, Ineko Rima, Bibi Andersson, Gloria Grahame, Simone Signoret, Elizabeth Taylor, Carolyn Jones and many others.

These women wore a wide range of vintage dresses and certainly brought in a way for women to stand out for themselves, showcasing the need for style, passion and a great appeal. The best thing about these amazing vintage dresses is that they were very easy to wear and quickly became fashionable, something that definitely translated into the fashion world and led to the evolution of the industry as we know it.

Even if their time might seem like long gone, the 1950s vintage prom dresses are coming back in style so you should totally give them a shot, they will definitely impress you with the value and uniqueness that they provide!

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