5 Vintage Nail Art Designs You'll Love

You've got the right dress with a crinoline for some added bounce and flair, an eye-catching hairstyle with victory rolls, a flattering pair of vintage style shoes and matching accessories to complete your retro ensemble, but it still lacks something.

Hmm... that's right - the nails!

We've handpicked our top 5 most loved vintage nail art designs that we feel will add the perfect finishing touch to your retro getup. But what if you're totally new to nail art? Well, fret not because these designs come complete with handy step by step tutorials. We've made sure of that.

1. Paulina's Passions - We love Paulina's blog simply because she comes up with the most creative designs and her floral motives are to die for. We specifically selected this design because of its simplicity (doesn't require any special tools apart from either a toothpick or a pen) but looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for beginners!


2. Wondrously Polished - This website has some of the most impressive looking vintage floral nail art designs. But out of all the designs, we absolutely could not say no to this cute looking pineapple nail art. Did you know that this design was actually inspired by a pineapple bikini? Cute, eh? Check out the simple step by step tutorial here.


3. Follow That Way - Annabel Lee from Follow That Way has some pretty amazing vintage nail art designs on her YouTube channel here. Here's a quaint vintage floral nail art design that we simply adore. It's something about the clever color combinations and borders with a tinge of rust (so to speak) that makes this design so unique. It does however require some level of skill and patience, but the end result is so worth it!

4. So Nailicious - This blog is probably one of the most comprehensive nail niche blogs we've ever come across; with the ability to even filter designs by occasion. And since we're suckers for lace, this black lace nail art was too hard to resist. Although the trickiest part of this design would be the lace itself, you'll probably nail it (no pun intended, promise!) by just copying the design exactly from the tutorial here.

5. The Crafty Ninja - The reason why we love this site is for its cute, whimsical nail art designs. And for you vintage lovers out there, it doesn't get any more retro than this. Oh yes, we're talking about gingham prints and cherry motives. Check out the YouTube video tutorial here.

So go on, give these a try and let us know which one you fancy! :)

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