Unique Vintage Wedding Dresses for the Unconventional Bride

At Dressific, one of the things that puts a smile on our faces is to be a part of (so to speak) our customer's wedding. While we may not be there in person to celebrate such a special occasion, knowing that our customers said "I do" to one of our dresses is truly an honor for us. πŸ‘Έ πŸ‘°

If you're looking for unique wedding dresses for your special day, allow us to inspire you with our one of a kind selections below. πŸ˜‰

Should Wedding Dresses Be White?

In my opinion, I think it's really up to the bride, granted if tradition and religion allows. For example, back in the day for Chinese weddings, it was customary for the bride to be clad in an all red wedding dress. Red plays a vital role in Chinese weddings as it signifies luck, love and prosperity. However, as times have changed, the notion that all Chinese brides only wear red is no longer true.

Is it Going to Cost a Bomb?

At Dressific, we cater to the retro, "unconventional" brides. So if you're a soon to be bride looking for unique wedding dresses that will have people talking even after the wedding, you're in luck! 😍  

But surely this is going to cost a fortune? Well, most vintage wedding dresses will set you back about $700 - $1,500 Australian dollars. Also keep in mind that the more intricate a wedding dress is (e.g., one with more embellishments or appliques) or if it uses a more expensive fabric (e.g., lace), the higher the costs will be.

Fortunately, at Dressific we understand that not all of us can afford designer wedding dresses. As such, majority of our wedding dresses retail at less than AU$300, and rest assured that we always strive to keep our collections under AU$500.

Unique Wedding Dresses On A Budget

Regardless your fashion style, we're confident we have something for you. Let our dresses do all the work while you focus on the other aspects on your wedding. πŸ˜‰

The Not -Your-Typical White Wedding Dress

For brides who still love white - and that's alright, because white is associated with purity, innocence and perfection - we've got just the right dress for you! This black and white midi vintage ball gown is a popular pick among our brides, for a simple reason - it's gorgeous! Inspired by Grace Kelly and the 1950s era, this not-your-typical white wedding dress is perfect to hide fuller hips and give more definition to your waist.

Black and White Midi Vintage Dress, AU$265

The Minimalist

But what if you're just looking for a minimalist design? Perhaps your wedding may not be on such a grand scale and you'd like to just keep things simple and sweet. That's totally fine too because this retro lace dress will be perfect for you. Aside from being comfortable to wear, its long sleeves will keep you warm especially if you're getting married in winter! 😍

Retro Lace Wedding Dress, AU$107 

The Princess

Are you looking for a princess ball gown? And I mean, literally. Then this one's for you. This beautiful ball gown is inspired by the one worn by Lily James when she played the role of Cinderella in the 2015 movie of the same name. With delicate butterfly appliques, the crowd will watch in awe as you twirl and dance in this iridescent frock.

Cinderella Inspired Princess Ball Gown, AU$406

Stunning Like Marilyn

If you love Marilyn Monroe, then this dress will sweep you off your feet. Inspired by the off shoulder black ball gown Marilyn Monroe wore to the 23rd Annual Academy Awards, we've even added a cute ribbon detailing to the waistline. Plus, you even get to choose from 4 gorgeous shades - black, red, green and gray.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Ball Gown, AU$237

Perfect Like Audrey

For all you Audrey Hepburn fans out there, you'll probably remember her iconic off shoulder costume as Princess Anne in the movie, Roman Holiday. We've taken it down a notch for those of you who don't want to look too costume-y and found you a perfect alternative in this darling shade of pink. (You're very welcome. πŸ˜‰)

Off Shoulder Vintage Style Wedding Dress, AU$175

Sexy Back

And last but not least - we present to you our all time favorite. This gorgeous lace dress looks absolutely breathtaking from the front, but have you seen the back? It's an absolute showstopper, dare I say! Delicately crafted with lace and beads, this dress even features a modest sweep train. Love! ❤️‍

Sexy Back Lace Wedding Dress, AU$202

Which style are you? Let us know in the Comments section below. :)

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