Where Are Your Products Made?

This week, I'll attempt to answer one of the more common questions we get from our lovelies... and that is - "Where are your products made?"

You see, at Dressific, we pride ourselves in selling unique, unusual dresses that you won't find elsewhere. At times, that's a pretty tall order. We can most definitely source our clothes from brands like Unique Vintage and Retrospec'd, but then, you'd end up wearing the same thing as everyone else, wouldn't you? Now, where's the fun in that?

So we shifted our focus and attention elsewhere to find these hidden gems. And by hidden gems we mean talented artisans and designers. We source our dresses from all over the world - including countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Who knows where our next adventure might take us, but I have a feeling it'll be Singapore and Thailand next. This is so exciting!

Do I see a raised eyebrow, somewhere? 😉

At this point, some of you may already be cringing at the fact that we actually source our products from these countries. Yes, I can see you there with your jaw dropping. You must be thinking, "Do you not know that there are so many scammers there?" Well, I can tell you that you're partially right. But with so many years of experience in this trade, we're confident with what we're doing and we know where to look.

Although the risk is higher for us, the results are rewarding. We get unique styles and great quality dresses at a fraction of the designer price tag. Majority of our special occasion dresses retail at under AU$300 and can even be made to measure for free. It's just not possible to get it done here in Australia for that price - even a simple alteration will set you back about $50, let alone a dress.

Did you know that although Jimmy Choo is fashion designer based in the United Kingdom, he was born in Malaysia, into a family of shoemakers? (Yes, Jimmy Choo as in those high-end designer shoes.) In fact, it was his father that taught him how to make shoes. I'll bet that some of you don't even have a clue where Malaysia is. (In case you were wondering, it's located right above Singapore.)
Yes, I digress but my point is simple. There are talented people everywhere. And it does not matter where you're from. 

There are talented people everywhere. And it does not matter where you're from. 

At Dressific, we work with the manufacturers directly. One of the brands we carry in our online store, features vintage style dresses inspired by the 1930s to the 1950s era. Their founder, Nana Jiang, has over 9 years of industry experience and has a well established presence in China. Their store features dresses crafted by their own design team, and are all tailored in house.

And just to give you an idea, here's what happens from the design phase right down to the production of the actual dress. First, a sketch is created...

... that sketch is then materialized via the manufacturing process...

... to give you the final result below.

So the next time you feel like passing up on a dress, it might be a good idea to take a second look at it first. 😉

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