To Dad With Love

This dress stirred a little emotion in me, and for good reason.

Friday posts should be a little lighthearted I suppose, but this dress like I said just brought back some happy and bittersweet memories.

A lot of people wonder what motivated me to set up this business, Dressific. Well, the reason is very dear to my heart. I was only 17 when I lost my father to a cruel battle with cancer. I was a very disgruntled and distressed person. The only thing going through my mind at that time, was why me?? And for some time that was all that I could think about.

And the last thing on my mind was formals (a.k.a. prom).

My dad foresaw that would happen, so before he passed, he requested that my mum purchase a dress for me on his behalf. And strangely enough, it looked just like this one. The color is absolutely spot on. The only difference was mine was a straight neckline and made from taffeta fabric. Everything else is really the same. I'm still keeping my dress although God knows I can barely fit in it anymore. Perhaps one day I will pass it on to my daughter if she doesn't mind a little old-fashioned. :)

I'm such a sentimental fool, I know. But I can't help it.

My dad was also a romantic sweetheart. We didn't have much money back then but he knew we ladies love our bling. He was thrifty on almost everything but saved his money up to surprise my mum with a very beautiful antique ring. My mum still wears the same ring to date and as far as I'm concerned, has never removed it.

My dad loved Elvis and Cliff Richard and we would listen to their albums together every night before I went to bed. Remember Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender, and Ocean Deep? :)

At that time, all we had was a cassette player and you could only listen to music through cassette tapes. Yes, there were no iPods or iTunes. You had to literally press rewind or forward buttons and guess when to stop as there were no player sliders, or whatever you call it. Those were the days.

Yes, it was backward but it was those simple, uncomplicated times that made everything so special and remains as some of the fondest memories to me.

And yes, I am still keeping those cassette tapes, although my player is already broken. :)

I miss you a lot Dad. You continue to inspire me to be a better person, everyday in my life. This post's for you Dad, wherever you may be. I wished I said this more often to you, but for what it's worth, I love you so much.
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