1960s Fashion: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Shows You How to Ace it

The 1960's. I love to think of it as a fun and lighthearted decade. This decade gave rise to a myriad of fashion styles including shapeless shift and mini dresses in psychedelic prints and colours, finished with collars and cuffs in contrasting shades no less. And while the previous decades featured dresses in lengths that fell below or at knee length, the 1960s proved that there was no such thing as "too short".

While the 1960s fashion styles may not be that much sought after compared to its predecessor - the 1950's that is, I thought it was time to give this decade some love it deserves. Especially after seeing this article on US Magazine, featuring Pippa Middleton in a 60's inspired print dress at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. I like the matchy-matchy ensemble with a baby blue square clutch and gray pointed-toe pumps.

Still on the fence about the 1960s fashion styles? I recommend you give the movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. a go. You'll fall head over heels in love with the frocks Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki donned in the movie (well, aside from that British heartthrob Henry Cavill I guess, but that's beside the point).

Costume designer, Joanna Johnston was tasked by Guy Ritchie to create costumes that "looked cool, good for today and sexy". Inspired primarily by some of Vogue's issue's from 1966 to 1968 and period films from the 60's decade, the designer crafted some very exquisite pieces which you can feast your eyes on in the show.

1. Here's Alicia Vikander, wearing a mini orange print fit and flare dress with a daring cut out open back. Sexy without a doubt. I've always adored abstract prints and I think this colour looks great on her. I also didn't mind the large white drop earrings - I think that's a clever way to take that retro look one step further!

Image Credit: Fashion Rogue

2. Here's another orange number, a typical shift dress which was a popular dress pattern back in the 60's. I think she looks cute with that hat which appears to be a throwback to the 1920s cloche style hats. And also, check out those lovely red shoes!

Image Credit: FanPop

3. How about formal wear, you ask? I love this evening getup where Alicia wears a shimmering mini dress with a matching double breasted jacket, which she so casually wears over the dress. I love the side swept ponytail which adds a cheeky and playful dimension to her look.

Image Credit: Geek Tyrant

4. I love green and white - two of my favourite colours indeed! And this dress has perfection written all over it. I love how Alicia nailed the look with a large sunhat and sunnies, and added a pop of vibrant yellow with that cute cross body bag.

Image Credit: Geek Tyrant

5. And here's a classic mix of white and black for you. I like the idea of how simple sometimes does speak volumes. And that is some serious statement sunglasses, if you will. :)

Image Credit: Classic Forever Blog

5. Not a fan of the mini's? That's alright. You'll probably love Elizabeth Debicki's 60's style dresses then. In the photo below, Elizabeth wears a striped black and white asymmetric top with wide-leg pants, and goes heavy with layers of accessories, for a polished femme fatale look.

Image Credit: Geek Tyrant

6. And then there is that white and black color block dress. It was only when she wore this dress that it suddenly dawned on me how tall Elizabeth is! I honestly think the dress did wonders for her, and played to her strengths by accentuating her tall, slim build - she's 190 cm tall!

Image Credit: Geek Tyrant

So, what do you think of the 60's now? Prepared to go for a "shift" in dresses? Alright, that was a lame pun intended, but you know what I mean. ;) Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Till next time, stay retro! 


  1. Love these looks. Some of the dresses are so simple in design and pattern yet have such a dramatic effect-- at least when worn by an attractive actress! Thanks. Janet

    1. Hi Janet, we adore Alicia's dresses too! Sometimes simple speaks volume, don't you think so? ;)


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