1950s Fashion: Elizabeth Taylor Does It With Elegance

Jet black hair, fair skin, piercing violet eyes and signature bold red lips... now who could that be?

If you guessed Elizabeth Taylor, then you're absolutely spot on, doll! This week, we drew our inspiration from the beauty, elegance and fashion styles of the one and only, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. (By the way, my mum is an absolute fan, and I can completely comprehend why.)

While today's 1950s fashion styles are primarily centered around swing dresses with prints, there is actually so much more to appreciate in this era. What I love most about Elizabeth Taylor's fashion sense is how she channels so much femininity in plain, solid coloured dresses. Elizabeth's two-time husband, Richard Burton, called her a 'miracle of construction'.

Elizabeth Taylor was voluptuous, and knew exactly how to flaunt her exaggerated hourglass figure. She reminds me a lot of Marilyn Monroe. These are some of my favourite photos of Elizabeth Taylor, so I hope you enjoy this lookbook as much as I do!

Elizabeth Taylor's circa 1950s Lookbook

I especially adore this photograph of Elizabeth Taylor and her sons, Michael and Christopher Wilding taken back in the 1950s. I just love how stunning she looks in a simple, solid red dress. It's almost unfair, isn't it? πŸ˜‰
Image Credit: CelebrityWC

My second favourite photo has to be this one where Elizabeth poses for a promotional portrait back in 1952. This photo is most likely a recoloured version of the original, but the point is that sleeveless lace dress. Gorgeous! (There's another version of this dress in baby blue but I like this one better. πŸ˜‰)

Image Credit: dailydoseofstuf on Tumblr

In 1948, when she was just 16, Elizabeth Taylor was already on the cover of Life magazine. Needless to say, looking as glamourous as ever.

Here's Elizabeth looking beautiful in this V neck white chiffon dress in the movie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958). According to Mirror, this dress became such a hit that women all around the world copied the design, and even Elizabeth had one made for herself.

Image Credit: Mirror
I have always had a soft spot for emerald green. But this frock just does wonders for Elizabeth as the colour contrasts so well against her fair skin. She is picture perfect in my book. ❤️‍

Image Credit: Cloudpix
So the next time you feel like passing up on a plain, solid coloured dress, think Elizabeth Taylor. When the dress is simple, the focus is all about you and only you - don't you think so?

Till next time, stay retro! πŸ’›

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