Where You've Seen Us - Part II

For us, it's never just about the dresses. It's about the smiles on people's faces and the twinkle in their eyes when they put on a dress they love. It's about the confidence that's evident when you wear something you're comfortable with. In short, a dress is just a dress. But it's the effect it brings to people's lives - that's what matters to us.

Probably one of the most loved bloggers out there, Rebecca from A Clothes Horse never fails to impress us with her outfit styles, perfect hair (every time!) and gorgeous photos. Every number she wears has a story to it, including this cute A Little Birdy Told Me Retro Dress. As an American living in Northern Ireland, Rebecca loves vintage and retro styles, but puts her own spin on it by wearing them in a more modern way with quirky, personal touches. Read more about the outfit post here.

Getting to know Jessica from Chronically Vintage has been nothing but an absolute dream! As one of our all time favourite bloggers, we felt connected to her the moment we stumbled upon her blog which is centered around her love for all things vintage specifically from the 1930's to the 1950's. We couldn't help but feel warm and fuzzy all over when we saw her in our Elegant Me Floral Retro Dress. Though the dress may have sold out, we'll always have this beautiful photo of Jessica to remember this dress by! Want to see more lovely photos? Click here!

When we saw Katherine in our Elegant Floral Print Retro Dress, our hearts melted. As a children’s librarian who is very fond of books and novelty prints, Kat has always been one of our favourites! I for one, grew up loving books so I could immediately relate to Kat. Seriously, have you checked out her Instagram feed? It's truly one of its kind! We've always adored Kat's whimsical fashion styles and her lighthearted sense of humour. Check out more lovely photos of Kat in this dress in her blog post here

Seeing how our dresses inspire others just makes what we do so much more meaningful. Our hope is to bring beautiful and modest vintage inspired and retro dresses to all women out there, and we thank God everyday for allowing us to do what we love and more importantly, enjoy doing it. :)

Till next time, stay retro girls! 💛

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