Ah, the 1970s. Such carefree fashion styles ranging from flares to bell-bottoms, hot pants to mini skirts and maxi dresses to floaty kaftans. In 1970 fashion was all about keeping clothing snug on top and relaxed at the bottom. And of course, not forgetting pretty prints too!

Since summer is near (yes, you can most definitely feel it in the air!), temperatures are rising as we bid spring goodbye. I like to think that maxi dresses are a staple for summer especially with their lightweight and comfortable fabrics. It just makes the heat a little more bearable, and quite honestly, I just don't enjoy fabrics that adhere to my skin especially when I perspire. Nope, not one bit!

So this week, we've decided to introduce a few 1970s maxi dress styles featuring gorgeous printed chiffon fabrics to our online store. So if you're as much of a boho addict as we are, you're in luck because these selections will be perfect for you! :) Go check them out here.

Till next time, stay retro girls! 💛